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Are Stem Cells the “Fountain of Youth” for Anti-Aging?

Stem Cell Therapy found to turn back the clock.

Every person on earth will undergo the aging process what is known as or “biological aging.” Mother nature cannot be avoided but when the physical signs of aging occur (usually through many factors including depletion of stem cells) starts to take hold, there are ways to manage the process through science. Thanks to modern medicine and recent developments in medical and cell regeneration technology, it is now possible to greatly down the process through the use of proper dieting, healthy habits and stem cell therapy for Anti-aging and wellness.

Stem Cells from fat may have Anti-Aging benefits.

Adult stem cells collected directly from human fat are more stable than other cells — such as fibroblasts from the skin — and have the potential for use in anti-aging treatments, according to researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. They made the discovery after developing a new model to study chronological aging of these cells. They published their findings the in the journal Stem Cells.

Chronological aging shows the natural life cycle of the cells — as opposed to cells that have been unnaturally replicated multiple times or otherwise manipulated in a lab. In order to preserve the cells in their natural state, Penn researchers developed a system to collect and store them without manipulating them, making them available for this study. They found stem cells collected directly from human fat — called adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) — can make more proteins than originally thought. This gives them the ability to replicate and maintain their stability, a finding that held true in cells collected from patients of all ages.

“Our study shows these cells are very robust, even when they are collected from older patients,” said Ivona Percec, MD, director of Basic Science Research in the Center for Human Appearance and the study’s lead author. “It also shows these cells can be potentially used safely in the future, because they require minimal manipulation and maintenance.”

Stem cells are currently used in a variety of anti-aging treatments and are commonly collected from a variety of tissues. But Percec’s team specifically found ASCs to be more stable than other cells, a finding that can potentially open the door to new therapies for the prevention and treatment of aging-related diseases.

“Unlike other adult human stem cells, the rate at which these ASCs multiply stays consistent with age,” Percec said. “That means these cells could be far more stable and helpful as we continue to study natural aging.”

ASCs are not currently approved for direct use by the Food and Drug Administration, so more research is needed. Percec said the next step for her team is to study how chromatin is regulated in ASCs. Essentially, they want to know how tightly the DNA is wound around proteins inside these cells and how this affects aging. The more open the chromatin is, the more the traits affected by the genes inside will be expressed. Percec said she hopes to find out how ASCs can maintain an open profile with aging.

Benefit of Age Management Therapies at the REGEN-AGE

Not only does the stem cell therapy help treat the chronic diseases, it is also very beneficial in improving the overall health and well being of a person.

Therapeutic levels of Stem cells have proven to help enhance your mood, energy levels, sexual health, cardiovascular system, immune system and memory. Stem cells can help you get rid of nagging injuries and pains but helping your body heal naturally and without the need for surgery or any invasive procedures. For most, they notice the treatment working though significantly less joint and body aches. Stem cell therapy offers much more robust results and can revive your vitality rejuvenate your mind and body. Apart from the improvements in bodily functions, stem cell therapies can also give you instant aesthetic improvements. The skin usually becomes more elastic and supple. Fewer wrinkles can also be achieved without surgical facelift though targeted stem cell facelifts and neck lifts.

REGEN-AGE has delivered result-oriented regenerative programs for men and women for years in regenerative medicine and Anti-aging.  Many people needing a regeneration therapy now have a fighting chance to slowdown or even reverse the ageing process to help further enjoy their daily activities and live better lives.

If  you or a family member would benefit from Anti-aging or wellness therapies, contact us today!



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